Learning JavaScript: An Exciting Mess.

After completing my HTML and CSS courses and projects, learning JavaScript was next.

JavaScript is the first programming language I have been learning how to use for the past two to three months. I started learning with Codecademy’s JavaScript course; moved on to working on and solving different JavaScript problem sets assigned to me by my mentor at Roots Technology (https://rootstechnology.info/); then I built several apps, which deepened my understanding of JS.

Learning JavaScript was always exciting. Although, there were days I wanted to pull out my hair when my code didn’t work; days I will stay up for hours trying to debug my code, only to find out it was a silly mistake I could have easily fixed; there were concepts I didn’t easily understand. But it was exciting! I mean, I was learning one of the most popular and powerful programming languages. In addition, when I was able to understand a concept, when my code worked, when I could figure things out myself when I got stuck, when I completed my projects, etc., I exuded so much joy. The satisfaction I got was pretty awesome.

At the beginning of learning JS, everything was so foreign, very strange, very unfamiliar. Below is a meme of me trying to understand JS promises and hoisting at first.

A state of confusion

But it got better, I got better. I was able to build several JS projects (the most exciting part for me) by applying everything I learned from Codecademy’s JavaScript course (www.codecademy.com) and Roots Technology’s JavaScript modules (https://rootstechnology.info/).

The JS journey wasn’t easy, but it was definitely awesome.