After completing my HTML and CSS courses and projects, learning JavaScript was next.

JavaScript is the first programming language I have been learning how to use for the past two to three months. I started learning with Codecademy’s JavaScript course; moved on to working on and solving different JavaScript problem sets assigned to me by my mentor at Roots Technology (; then I built several apps, which deepened my understanding of JS.

Learning JavaScript was always exciting. Although, there were days I wanted to pull out my hair when my code didn’t work; days I will stay up for hours…

“What is this?!” is what I said or probably thought when I started learning about git. I was a little confused.

But my confusion didn’t last for too long. As I continued learning about git through various articles and exercises provided by Roots Technology (, I felt a lot better. I learned and understood what git is (which is a version control system that track changes to files) and what commands such as git init, clone, merge, status, fetch, push, etc. does.

In addition to git, I also learned some essential commands (such as cd, mkdir, touch, mv, ls -a…

After graduating from The University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor of Arts (concentration in Technical Communication), my plan was to work a little, study for the LSAT and go to law school. I wanted to go to law school, not because I was in love with the law and everything that comes with it, but because I was expected to do so.

See, I am Nigerian and if you are familiar with Nigerians and our culture, you might know exactly what this means. You must become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or any profession that will earn you…

Taiwo Adepoju

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